1801 Lakeshore Rd W,
Mississauga, ON L5J 1J6

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(905)  822-1801

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TUE to FRIDAY 11:30am to 3pm

SUN & MON 4pm to 9:30pm

TUE to SAT 4pm to 10:30pm

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  • New dessert feature Cactus pear pannacotta with pecan brittle dolce
  • Still on our menu from day 1 our famous Veal
  • Peas are often used in an Italian kitchen They add
  • Sicilian Basil Fresh out of our garden Super aromatic and
  • Feel like a King or Queen Let us host your
  • Our Summer Solstice Menu is now until July 21 Call
  • Last night we had the opportunity to cater a very
  • Prep is under way for a very VIP offsite catering
  • What a perfect night to come by and enjoy our
  • Last Minute Canada Day Weekend Catering for a Regular Guest